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“It Is What It Is”… Or Is It?

As much as we hear and say the phrase, “It is what it is”; I am starting to really think, “is it really?”.  I totally get the meaning that is being implied, which is, “this is the situation”, “see it for what it is”; and “let’s get real about your reality”.  But perhaps this phrase… Continue reading “It Is What It Is”… Or Is It?

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“Is Your Love Style The Real Problem?”

Over the years I have discovered that every woman has a love style.  In other words, we all have a way that we tend to show up and perform in our relationships.  The four major love styles that show up in a woman’s love life are…   “The Missionary”:  This is the woman who engages… Continue reading “Is Your Love Style The Real Problem?”

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“Honey, I Shrunk My Dreams”

You would be amazed at how many people are in the habit of being less of themselves to be with another person.  I hear women talking all the time about scaring men off with their ambition, or shrinking themselves to make their partner more comfortable in the relationship.  But the truth is if a person… Continue reading “Honey, I Shrunk My Dreams”

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“Welcome Home”

“Welcome home Ms. Brown”; I could feel the tears well up in my eyes as the US Customs and Immigration agent gave me back my passport.  I had never been so glad to see an American flag and proud that had the safety and security of being an American citizen.  After spending 8 days in… Continue reading “Welcome Home”

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“What Are You Trying to Prove”

Why are you working so hard?  What is the real reason you do what you do?  Perhaps, it’s not so much about being a workaholic, or overly busy; but I have discovered that most of us are living with old voices in our heads.  And life has become more about proving those voices wrong than… Continue reading “What Are You Trying to Prove”

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“Stop Second Guessing Yourself”

I believe that within every woman is both the question and the right answer.  You are a smart and bold woman, with big dreams and big ideas; but something seems to happen within yourself to make you doubt that.  All too often we are second guessing ourselves rather than stepping out on what we know… Continue reading “Stop Second Guessing Yourself”

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Are You Working Too Hard at Love??

I’m sure you have heard people say “relationships are work”; but the truth is, they really don’t have to be.  Working hard is a mindset, a kind of cultural conditioning if you will, that teaches us that anything worth having you have to work hard for it.  But with love, the rule of working hard… Continue reading Are You Working Too Hard at Love??